Graduation Ceremony - Intake September 2016

30th June, Turin

27th July 2017

Graduation Ceremony - Intake September 2016

Friday, June the 30th the MBA edition, launched in September 2016, came to an end. The Italian, French and German Intake graduation ceremony was held for the first time in Italy, in the the Valentino Castle, in Turin.

The fellows received the Collège des Ingénieurs diploma from John Elkann President of FCA and Exor and Vice President of the Giovanni Agnelli Foundation, Silvia Petocchi SAFM Managing Director, Phillippe Mahrer President of Collège, and Knut Stannowski representative of the German CDI.

**From the left to the right: Domenico Saponaro, Stefano Cornetto, Eleonora Costa, Vincenzo Lo Schiavo, Vito Pirrone, Emanuele Giargia, Giammarco Neri, Celeste Marcato, Clio Ceccotti, Gianluca Rinaldi, Silvia Petocchi, Diyala D’Aveni, Dario Malerba, Stefano Osteria, Julien Roux, Luca Magnani, Ogaga Akposibruke, Cesare D’Ippolito, Davide Simonetto

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