SAFM signs agreement with CERN

Fostering the collaboration for entrepreneurship programmes

26th July 2017

SAFM signs agreement with CERN

We are proud to announce that on the 28th of June SAFM signed a collaboration agreement with CERN!

The agreement provides the framework for an ensemble of collaborations on the theme of entrepreneurship and management. On one side, CERN will become a technological and operational partner for SAFM projects, and on the other, SAFM will assist CERN in creating new relationships with industry partners, incubators and potential investors. The collaboration will involve several CERN initiatives, including the Knowledge Transfer group, IdeaSquare and the CERN & Society Foundation.

SAFM and CERN have already successfully collaborated on entrepreneurship programmes, such as the Innovation for Change (I4C) project, launched in February 2016 at IdeaSquare in CERN.


**From left to right: Raghu Movva, Project manager of SAFM; Andrea Gavosto, Director of the Agnelli Foundation; Andrea Griva, Head of innovation area of the Agnelli Foundation; Silvia Petocchi, Director of SAFM; John Elkann, Vice Chairman, Agnelli Foundation and Chairman, FCA; Fabiola Gianotti, CERN Director-General; Charlotte Warakaulle, CERN Director for International Relations; Roberto Losito, CERN Engineering Department Head; Giovanni Anelli, CERN Knowledge Transfer Group Leader.

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