Innovation for Change - 2017 Edition

Conclusion ceremony @ Valentino Castle

25th July 2017

Innovation for Change - 2017 Edition

The second edition of Innovation for Change was completed on June 30th: a five-month course where 52 young people, including SAFM MBA students and PhD students of Turin Polytechnic, gave birth to 8 start-up ideas to give concrete answers to major health and safety challenges.


The program, started last February at CERN in Geneva with the introduction of challenges and partner companies, ended a few weeks ago at the Valentino Castle, in Turin. In this frame, every start up exhibited its prototype and presented its enterprise idea in a 5-minute pitch in front of a crowd of investors and protagonists of the European business scene.

The ideas that emerged during the five months program were:

 - The Game of Food: an innovative game that, with the help of interactive whiteboards and augmented reality, seeks to increase nutrition awareness in new generations 

- Fish to Fish: an instrument capable of measuring the mercury concentration in fish in a timely and economical way by safeguarding food safety 

- Save3: a waste recovery system able to freeze-dry and reprint food in 3d

- Higea: a wearable capable of measuring the physical activity of people and communicating it to an app where it is rewarded with discounts and awards with the goal of reducing cardiovascular disease 

- Sound Bubble: a software and hardware system that can selectively eliminate wavelengths, fighting noise pollution in work environments 

- Life Patch: a patch produced with 3d printing technologies that can monitor and prevent skin wound infections

- Seedlife: a device for the production of farm-to-table vegetables, that can be installed anywhere and it is able to synchronize growing times to the needs of customers

- Hestia: a stove intended for the humanitarian market made with waste materials that is able to cook food and produce electricity


Each idea was examined and judged by a team of experts composed by: Marco Gilli (Rector of the Politecnico di Torino), Philippe Mahrer (Founder of the Collège des Ingénieurs), Federico Pistono (Entrepreneur and Futurist) and Giuseppe Zocco (Co-founder of Index Ventures).

The winning project was Sound Bubble, based on its last 20 weeks work, business plan and vision. The team was rewarded with the opportunity to participate to the next MUST Summit in Munich this autumn, the annual event organized by UnternehmerTUM, which brings together the world's best startups with the largest German industrial and technological groups.

Meanwhile, just over a dozen I4Cers are participating today in the European Innovation Academy (EIA), the international acceleration program for tech start-ups, which counts partner companies such as Google, Berkeley University, FCA and Intesa Sanpaolo.

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