Alessandro Garrone incontra il CDI...


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Sergio Spinelli Masterclass

Juventus FC

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Brindisi di Natale - CDI Italia

Christmas toast - CDI Italia

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SAFM diventa ufficialmente CDI Italia

SAFM becomes officially CDI Italia

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An independent institution for post-graduate education which forms a part of the international network of Collège des Ingénieurs (Turin, Paris, Munich) and focuses on the development of managerial skills, entrepreneurship and value creation.

An accelerator for the development of future leaders selected from the
most brilliant talents among young graduates of science and economics.

“Learning through action”
MBA where multiple phases of learning-on-the-job at our partner companies are complemented with academic training, by professors, experts, managers and entrepreneurs from top-ranked international business schools and companies.

“Qui Agit Intellegit”
Projects and training programs focussed on the development of high potential managerial talents in leading European companies